Kamis, 09 Februari 2012


Today's feature article is 10 High Octane Ways To Unleash Your Profits
Read it below!

1. Use more than one P.S. in your ad copy. It is one of the most read parts of any ad, so why not use two or three of them instead of one.

2. Gain your visitors attention by telling them your problems. People like to hear about other people's problems because it takes away from their own.

3. Create trust with your prospects by telling them something they already know is true. They'll know for sure you're not lying and begin to trust you.

4. Survey your target audience to find out things you have in common with them and use them in your ad. People like people that are like themselves.

5. Offer free classified ads on your web site that expire after a particular time period. People will revisit your web site over and over to resubmit.

6. Forward interesting emails to your online friends with your signature file included. They may end up forwarding it to their friends and so on.

7. Organize your web site into categories. Visitors won't get frustrated and leave your site because they can't find what they're looking for.

8. Give your web site visitors a "thank you" email This'll remind them to revisit. Just get their email address and permission.

9. Advertise that your online business is for sale. Try to sell it for 10,000,000 dollars. You'll either get 10,000,000 dollars or you'll get curious visitors.

10. Try auctioning off your products. Set up the auction software on your web site. Give customers the option of paying outright or bidding.

Quote of the Day:
"I've never been afraid to admit when I've made a mistake. It nearly drives me nuts sometimes, making mistakes. I keep telling myself I should be perfect, but that isn't what
we're here for. Perfection isn't an option for us; perfection is death, Micko. We're here to learn and change, and that means making mistakes." -- spoken by William Pierce, a character in the novella Heads by Greg Bear

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